Lexus GS F

The Lexus GS (Japanese: レクサス・GS Rekusasu GS) is an official vehicle sold by Lexus, the excellent division of Toyota. A similar vehicle propelled in 1991 as the Toyota Aristo in Japan, yet the Lexus-badged model did not show up until 1993. Presently in its fourth era, the GS sold under the Aristo name in Japan just until the arrival of the third era model in 2005.

Structured as an exhibition car contending in the mid-extravagance class, the GS spaces between the minimal official IS and huge/flagship LS, and offers its case with one of Toyota’s longest-running stages: the S-arrangement which has been utilized under different ages of the Toyota Crown premium vehicles.

Four ages of the GS have been created since 1993, each accessible with six-chamber motors and back wheel drive. V8 motors were offered in the second and third ages, and all-wheel drive and half breed forms appeared in 2005. The initial two ages had a Japanese residential market identical, the Toyota (aristo is Greek for “the best”), which was sold from 1991 until the Lexus marque’s local presentation in 2005. In spite of the fact that to a great extent indistinguishable in outside and inside plan, the GS and the Aristo varied in their motor and transmission mixes just as hardware bundles. The GS name represents Grand Sedan.However, some Lexus shippers utilize the backronymic name, Grand Sport.

The original Lexus GS started deals in the United States, Europe and chose advertises in Asia in 1993, where it was presented with an inline-6 motor and outside bodywork structured by Italdesign Giugiaro. The second-age model debuted in 1997, utilizing another stage, in-house styling, and including a V8 form just because outside Japan. The third-age GS, which debuted all around for the 2006 model year, was created in V6, V8, and half and half forms, the last known as the GS 450h execution mixture. The third-age models were the primary GS cars to be sold locally in Japan.

The fourth-age Lexus GS debuted in August 2011 at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, where models presented incorporated the V6-fueled GS 350, half breed GS 450h, and execution tuned F Sport variations. A lower-dislodging V6 model, the GS 250, debuted at the Auto Guangzhou Exhibition in November 2011, directed at Asian and European markets. In certain business sectors, for example, North America, the GS shares the medium size vehicle class in the Lexus lineup with the front-wheel drive ES.

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