First propelled in the 2006 model year, the Cayman is a car gotten from Porsche’s second and third era Boxster roadster, styled in its first emphasis by Pinky Lai.[citation needed] A huge level of the Boxsters were amassed in Finland for Porsche by Valmet Automotive with others collected in Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart. All Caymans were made in Finland by Valmet Automotive. Porsche’s Deputy Chairman, Holger P. Haerter said the agreement with Valmet Automotive would end in 2012, and the Cayman’s generation was to be redistributed to Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria.[3] As Volkswagen expected control of Porsche AG, creation of Caymans and Boxsters after 2012 started in the previous Karmann plant in Osnabrück, Germany, at the time possessed by Volkswagen and furthermore utilized for creation of the 2012 Golf (Mk6) convertible.

Cayman is an elective spelling of caiman, a reptile in a similar family as the croc. The vehicle isn’t named after the Cayman Islands; rather the islands likewise get their name from the caiman. At the point when the main Caymans touched base at vendors available to be purchased, the automaker embraced four caimans at Stuttgart’s Wilhelma Zoo.

Porsche got an encroachment claim 2009 against Crocs, the producer of the mainstream elastic shoes. At issue was the footwear organization’s stop up name additionally called Cayman. An order was allowed against Crocs Europe, a division of the Longmont, Colorado-based shoe organization counteracting their utilization in Germany of the Cayman name.

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