The Toyota Supra (Japanese: トヨタ・スープラ Toyota Sūpura) is a sports vehicle and amazing tourer made by Toyota Motor Corporation starting in 1978. The underlying four ages of the Supra were created from 1978 to 2002. The fifth era has been delivered since March 2019 and went on special in May 2019. The styling of the Supra was gotten from the Toyota Celica, yet it was both longer and wider.Starting in mid-1986, the A70 Supra turned into a different model from the Celica. Thusly, Toyota likewise quit utilizing the prefix Celica and started calling the vehicle Supra. Attributable to the comparability and past of the Celica’s name, it is every now and again confused with the Supra, and the other way around. The main, second, and third ages of the Supra were collected at the Tahara plant in Tahara, Aichi, while the fourth era was gathered at the Motomachi plant in Toyota City. The fifth-age Supra is gathered close by the G29 BMW Z4 in Graz, Austria, by Magna Steyr.

The Supra likewise follows quite a bit of its foundations back to the 2000GT attributable to an inline-6 format. The initial three ages were offered with an immediate relative to the Crown’s and 2000GT’s M motor. Inside perspectives were likewise comparative, similar to the body code “A”.

Alongside this name, Toyota likewise incorporated its very own logo for the Supra. It was gotten from the first Celica logo, being blue rather than orange. This logo was utilized until January 1986, when the A70 Supra was presented. The new logo was comparative in size, with orange composition on a red foundation, yet without the winged serpent structure. That logo, thus, was on Supras until 1991 when Toyota changed to its present oval organization logo. (The mythical beast logo was a Celica logo paying little mind to what shading it was. It showed up on the initial two ages of the Supra on the grounds that they were authoritatively Toyota Celicas. The mythical beast logo was utilized for the Celica line until it also was ended.)

In 1998, Toyota stopped offers of the fourth era of the Supra in the United States and in 2002 Toyota authoritatively ceased generation of the Supra in Japan.

In January 2019, the fifth era of the Supra, which was co-created with the G29 Z4, was presented.

Age names are A40, A60, A70, A80 and J29/DB/A90. A pattern begun by American proprietors was to name the cars utilizing Volkswagen Mark terms yet this was never received by Toyota nor utilized in any of its distributions. The official Toyota names allude to the case codes as it were. Toyota utilizes the name Mark II to allude to its X skeleton stage cars that incorporate the Mark II, Cressida, Chaser, and Cresta models.

The Supra has showed up in various computer games, films, music recordings and TV appears. Probably the most outstanding appearances incorporate the Initial D Arcade Stage, Initial D, Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport, Sega GT, Assetto Corsa, Tokyo Xtreme Racer, Need for Speed, Midnight Club, Wangan Midnight, Asphalt and Forza Horizon computer games and The Fast and the Furious film arrangement.

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