The Cadillac Eldorado is a superior extravagance vehicle that was made and advertised by Cadillac from 1952 to 2002 more than ten ages. Contenders and comparable vehicles incorporated the Continental Mark arrangement, Buick Riviera, Oldsmobile Toronado and Chrysler’s Imperial Coupe.

The Eldorado was at or close to the highest point of the Cadillac line. The first 1953 Eldorado convertible and the Eldorado Brougham models of 1957–1960 had particular bodyshells and were the most costly models that Cadillac offered those years. The Eldorado was never not exactly second in cost after the Cadillac Series 75 limousine until 1966. From 1967 on, the Eldorado was worked in high volumes on a one of a kind two entryway individual extravagance vehicle stage.

The nameplate Eldorado is a withdrawal of two Spanish words that decipher as “the overlaid (i.e., brilliant) one” — and furthermore alludes to El Dorado, the legendary South American “Lost City of Gold” that entranced Spanish pioneers.

Picked in an inside challenge for a 1952 idea vehicle commending the organization’s brilliant commemoration, the name Eldorado was proposed by Mary-Ann Marini (née Zukosky), a secretary in Cadillac’s promoting division and was in this manner received for a constrained version convertible for model year 1953.

Palm Springs Life magazine erroneously credits the name to the Eldorado Country Club in Indian Wells, California, a most loved hotel of General Motors officials in the Coachella Valley — however the retreat opened in 1957, five years after Cadillac’s own naming competition.[citation needed]

Cadillac started utilizing the nameplates “Eldorado Seville” and “Eldorado Biarritz” to recognize the hardtop and convertible models (individually) while both were offered, from 1956 through 1960 comprehensively. The “Seville” name was dropped when the hardtop was at first stopped (1961), yet the Biarritz name proceeded through 1964. Starting 1965, the Eldorado turned into the ‘Fleetwood Eldorado’. ‘Biarritz’ returned as an up level trim bundle for the Eldorado for 1976.

The Eldorado helped the Fleetwood assignment from 1965 through 1972, and was an advanced recovery of the pre-war Cadillac V-12 and Cadillac V16 roadsters and convertibles.

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