The Edsel Pacer is a car that was delivered and sold by Edsel in 1958. The Pacer depended on the shorter smaller Edsel stage, imparted to Ford and the Ranger.

Pacer is one of two Edsel model names reused by producers other than Ford, as was Citation. The Corsair, a 1958-just Edsel model, utilized a name recently connected to the Henry J by the Kaiser-Frazer Corporation.

The Pacer spoke to a stage up from the fundamental Ranger model. Notwithstanding the Ranger’s base trim chooses, the Pacer got formed seat backs, nylon upholstery material, shading keyed elastic floor mats, and additional treated steel outside and inside trim pieces and window moldings. A fundamental radiator (as a US$92 alternative) and radio (at $95) were accessible, and cooling was discretionary, as well (at $417). A tachometer was optional.

All Pacers rode on Ford’s 118 in (2997 mm) wheelbase and shared the Ranger’s motor decisions, with a 303 hp (226 kW) 361 cu in (5.9 L) FE V8 (with four-barrel carburetor) as standard. (The 345 hp (257 kW) 410 cu in (6.7 L) MEL V8, standard in the Corsair and Citation, was not available.)A three-speed manual transmission was additionally standard. Purchasers likewise could move up to a three-speed programmed transmission with a standard segment mounted rigging selector, or pick Edsel’s profoundly advanced however inconvenience inclined Teletouch programmed, which put its drive-choice catches in the directing wheel center point, as a US$231 option.

While their take off was very plugged in the fall of 1957, Edsels were an advertising fiasco for Ford and for Ford’s corporate methodology for gathering General Motors product offering for product offering. Absolute Pacer yield in U.S. furthermore, Canada for the model remained at 20,988 units, of which 1,876 were U.S.- manufactured convertibles, 7,141 four-entryway vehicles (6,083 U.S./1,058 Canada), 6,717 hardtop roadsters (6,139 U.S./578 Canada), and 5,254 four-entryway hardtops (4,959 U.S./295 Canada). Costs for the Pacer went from $2,700 to $2,993. In spite of being among the smash hit 1958 Edsel models, the Pacer was ceased toward the finish of the 1958 model year. The top notch Citation model was likewise dropped, similar to the inconvenience inclined Teletouch framework.

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