The Mercury Turnpike Cruiser is a progression of vehicles that were delivered by the Mercury division of Ford. Named by Mercury to celebrate the production of the Interstate Highway System, the Turnpike Cruiser was the leader Mercury model line, opened over the Montclair.

The Turnpike Cruiser was delivered as a two-entryway and a four-entryway hardtop vehicle. A convertible (called the Convertible Cruiser) was worked during 1957, filling in as one of the primary reproduction pace cars. Mercury fitted the Turnpike Cruiser with a wide assortment of cutting edge highlights for the season of its creation, including a retractable back window, compound-bend windshield, and a trek PC.

Altogether, 23,268 instances of the Turnpike Cruiser were created more than two years. For 1959, Mercury ceased the Turnpike Cruiser, staging its substance into the Park Lane product offering.

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