The Packard Clipper is a car which was worked by the Packard Motor Car Company (and by the later Studebaker-Packard Corporation) for models years 1941–1942, 1946–1947 and 1953–1957. For 1956 just, Clipper was delegated an independent marque.[1] The Clipper was presented in April, 1941, as a mid-model year section. It was accessible just as a four-entryway car. The Clipper name was reintroduced in 1953, for the automaker’s most minimal evaluated lineup. By 1955, the Clipper models were viewed as weakening Packard’s advertising as an extravagance car marque. It was named for a sort of cruising ship, called a clipper.

For just the 1956 model year, the Clipper turned into an independent make of vehicle delivered by the Studebaker-Packard Corporation. The Clipper lineup was gone for the center value field of American vehicles that included DeSoto, Oldsmobile, and Mercury. Following the conclusion of Packard’s Detroit, Michigan plant in 1956, the Clipper marque was stopped, in spite of the fact that the Clipper name was connected to 1957 Packards that were worked at Studebaker’s South Bend, Indiana, production line.

Before the finish of the 1930s, Packard president Max M. Gilman understood that his earnest attempts to improve benefit during the last lean decade had not been sufficient. The Packard One-Twenty had touched base in 1935 and spared the organization from prompt end; the One-Ten had pursued, accomplishing significantly higher volume. Be that as it may, in spite of a solid execution in recovery year 1937, Packard deals had dove as the downturn returned in 1938, and the 76,000 deals for the schedule year 1939 were not really past the make back the initial investment point. To be exact, they got the organization a sparse half million dollars. This problematic money related state joined with the new model advancements among Packard’s adversaries, GM’s LaSalle and the Lincoln-Zephyr, implied that Mr. Gilman required something fundamentally new, and that he required it in a rush on the off chance that he needed to spare the organization.

1941 the main Clipper

1946 Packard Clipper Six Touring Sedan

1947 Packard Super Clipper Touring Sedan

Presented only eight months before the assault on Pearl Harbor, Packard’s expectations for the future rode on the new vehicle plan. The Packard Clipper spoke to a break from customary styling and typified an unexpected change in development procedures. Be that as it may, World War II mediated. It made the speculation to create one of the main all-new 1941 American cars difficult to acknowledge in an ordinary commercial center.

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