The Pagani Huayra (Italian articulation: [ˈwai̯ra]) is a mid-motor games vehicle delivered by Italian games vehicle producer Pagani, succeeding the organization’s past offering, the Zonda. It is named after Huayra-goodbye, a Quechua wind god.The Huayra was named “The Hypercar of the Year 2012” by Top Gear magazine. On February 11, 2015 it was accounted for that the Pagani Huayra has been sold out. The Huayra was restricted to only 100 units as a major aspect of Pagani’s concurrence with motor provider Mercedes-AMG.

The Pagani Huayra was formally appeared online with a few pictures in a public statement on January 25, 2011.The authority world introduction was at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show held in March.

The Huayra has a top speed of around 383 km/h (238 mph) and it has a 0-97 km/h (60 mph) quickening time of 2.8 seconds. Utilizing Pirelli tires, the Pagani Huayra is equipped for withstanding 1.66 g of sidelong increasing speed

The Pagani Huayra utilizes a seven-speed consecutive gearbox and a solitary circle grip. The decision not to utilize a double grip in an oil shower was because of the expansion in weight of more than 70 kg (154 lb), in this way invalidating any bit of leeway of the quicker apparatus changes in a twofold grasp transmission. Subsequently, the transmission weighs 96 kg (212 lb).

The vehicle is furnished with Brembo brake calipers, rotors and cushions. The calipers have four cylinders in front and four in the back. The rotors are bored carbon earthenware, 380 mm (15.0 in) in width and 34 mm (1.3 in) thick.

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